WordPress Northern Ireland Meetup


I recently attended the newly formed meetup group for WordPress Northern Ireland, held in Belfast. We meet at the Common Grounds Cafe, close to Queens University.  This consists of an interesting mixed group of 60 members from a variety of  web technology backgrounds and website owners.

The first  talk, on the night, was given by a Canadian content writer Hubert will be giving a quick talk at the start of the meetup on creating engaging content for your website. This was a brief informal talk on general pointers for writing good content.

This was followed by WPNI’s resident Online Marketeer, Len, originally from the Netherlands, who gave a talk & demo on how to optimise your WordPress site for search engines. He took us through the Yoast SEO plugin, and how to optimise page content using this. Although I knew a lot of what he had suggested regarding SEO, it was interesting to have it confirmed. I did learn a bit about the finer points about how the Yoast plugin works. I also picked up some nice tools to help you get better results, such as the Google Keyword planner. This is a powerful means of seeing what is being searched for locally or globally. I’m putting into practice what Len has suggested and it seems to be taking effect nicely.

Meetups can be a great motivator to go and do what you’ve put on the long finger. In my case, this was the kick needed to improve the SEO on my website, and measure it’s effectiveness.  It might be interesting to have a talk in the future on measuring how improvements to a websites’ SEO performed. There seems to be a number of people with indepth knowledge of marketing, so it should be interesting to hear from them at future presentations.

All in all, an interesting mix  of people with websites and those working in the industry, from developers to content managers to marketing people. If you are interested in joining the group or getting further information, you can go to the website here:  WordPress Meetup



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