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Major changes to how Google ranks site

Google have made major changes to how it ranks sites. Its overall aim is to  improve the rankings of high-quality Web sites in its search results, and to reduce the visibility of low-quality sites.  The use of  article writing sites  to

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Persuading your customers to take action

When writing the content of your site and persuading your customers of the need to trust you and to buy from you, here are some factors to take into account. Otherwise known as copywriting, the author of this blog describes

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Online Marketing – making it work for you

I’ve just started using classified ads etc. to try to get new clients and its actually proved to be more effective than my attempts at getting work on the freelancing sites such as Elance or oDesk. Having this website may

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Why is my website page missing from Google?

The following article will help you work  out why a page from you website  is not being picked up by Google. 1 Confirm the site is indexed with a Google site: command search – put this into google search page:  

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Paid ads are declining on Google

The effectiveness of paid ads on Google have rapidly declined. Even if you are paying for Adwords the number of people that will click on your ads is only 5 in 100. The top 2 or 3 paid listings that

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seo for dummies

According to recent seo experts I’ve been reading, optimising a site is simpler than you might expect. Google’s algorithm, which decides where you rank in the search engine,  is made up of three primary variables 1. Content (keywords, domain name,

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What are the rules on ranking well in Google?

I’ve been researching  niche site development and I found this very detailed list of factors which affect your ranking in the Google search. The algorithm used by Google to rank sites is a well-kept secret, so this list has been

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Considerations when deciding on a Joomla template

I’m trying to decide on a Joomla template for my site and I came across this interesting article on how to decide on a template. This gives a good list of your options when choosing a template, including a good

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Ways to improve SEO in WordPress

Here’s a  guide to improving your ranking on search engines for your WordPress sites.  You simply add a number of plugins to your WordPress site and let them do the work for you. I’m going to give this a go

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