devise your business website strategy

Your website should provide information that fulfils the immediate needs of your site visitors. The first issue to decide is what the ultimate goal of your  business website is to be. This will normally be either to provide information or to sell a product.

You should initially address a website users concerns and needs and gradually take them towards completing your goal for them. 

choose the best technology

Choose the best means of doing the job. If you want to edit the site yourself, then  a Content Management System such as WordPress or Joomla may be the fastest and least expensive of creating your site. It is remarkably flexible in what it allows you to add to a site. Even though I can code in numerous languages I used WordPress for this site; for two reasons – speed and convenience.

If you would like to sell products on your site then you may need an ecommerce solution, which will require a database and a secure server. Taking advice from someone who takes account of a number of possible options will save you money.


create a design

Depending on your budget, you can choose from a ready-made template (some of which are free) or have a custom design created especially for you.

build and test the site

Once the technology has been chosen its time to do the coding work and to enter the content. Testing needs to be thorough and detailed so that your users are not annoyed by site errors. Using existing  products such as WordPress reduces the testing needed, as this has already been done by thousands of users, leading to a more robust and bug-free website.

search engine optimisation and marketing for your business website

Your site is then submitted to directories and search engines so that customers know that your site exists. Optimise the site so that it ranks well in the major search engines to new and you can tailor email marketing campaigns to encourage traffic to your website. Also add your website to all your marketing materials so that it can be used as a reference point. Social media is playing an increasing role in gaining customers, so should now play a central part of any website strategy.

site update and further development

Appraise your site and work out its effectiveness in reaching your goals and then make adjustments or improvements where required. For a website to be successful, this needs to be an ongoing process.

If you have an existing business website and would like me to do an appraisal and suggest improvement then please contact me directly.

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